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Inline with our sustainability ethos, we have started a planting strategy.

Our projects have started in earnest reinstating British hedgerows

The snowdrops were out in full force, the frost still clung to the ground at midday, but there was no hampering of the effort, our first section of hedgerow was successfully planted.

Hedges are a valuable habitat in the British countryside and significant stretches of hedgerow have been lost. This has given rise to the need to replant. 

The creation of new hedgerows will help to link other hedgerows and strengthen habitat corridors, this is of the utmost importance in helping to strengthen the numbers of and diversify the species of British wildlife. 

Hedgerows are incredibly important for mammals, insects and birds, for which they provide food and shelter.  On a more human scale, they screen unattractive views, act as a wind barrier and aid noise reduction. We shall start with a mix of Hawthorn, Hazel, Crab apple, Dog rose and Dogwood. The hedgerow is UK sourced and grown, carefully selected saplings, grown to minimise the risk of importing and spreading tree pests and diseases. 

Our Urban tree project began with the planting of field maple, hazel and crab apple. They have been placed in planters with a mixture of organic compost and coffee grounds (From The Lawns Coffee Shop) for their own protection. They are sited at The Lawns in the city of Lincoln. We obtained our urban trees from the Woodland trust, where they are matched geographically as close as possible. They will be transplanted when a little bigger and stronger.  

SPROUTBOX also have a school programme, We hope to get schools involved in the planting strategy too , in particular with the planting of urban trees, and raising awareness about street trees. Using resources from the Woodland trust our SPROUTBOX series of books and architect designed play equipment. Street trees are an incredibly valuable asset, offering shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Street trees add green to our streets, and benefit people, wildlife who live and work in the built urban environment.

Life is better with street trees. They're a public asset and belong to all of us, they are fast disappearing at SPROUTBOX we are raising awareness,to make sure they're recognised and valued.

At SPROUTBOX sustainability is at the heart of our business, and so we understand that it needs to be taught at grassroots level, which is why we have developed our school programme, we look at sustainable living and architecture. Teaching our children will have a huge impact for our earth’s future. Let's change habits for a lifetime, and for generations to come. We want to bring trees and wildlife back into an urban built-environment. Trees don't just belong in the countryside, they absorb pollution and benefit oursense of well-being. Help us bring green back into UK cities. 

Follow our progress here.

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