The Monkey & The Jellyfish- A beautiful limited edition (1 of only 50) illustration by award winning architect Barbara Griffin. 

Size A3, A2


Printed on 'Flat White', which is a premium 100% recycled cartridge paper. An excellent quality mix of 50% coffee cup waste (destined for landfill) coupled with 50% paper mill waste.170gsm 100% recycled paper. It is also acid free. A great sustainable alternative, your environmentally conscious option. 


There is also 'The Marriage of the Foxes' available in the kimono range. 


Signed and dated by the artist. 


The Jellyfish and the monkey



Once upon a time in old Japan, the Kingdom of the Sea was governed by a wonderful King. He was called Rin Jin, or the Dragon King of the Sea. His power was immense, for he was the ruler of all sea creatures both great and small. His palace was at the bottom of the sea, and was so beautiful that no one has ever seen anything like it even in dreams. But the King was lonely and unhappy, so he decided he needed a wife. A lovely young dragon princess would be perfect. 

They loved each other dearly, but then the Dragon Queen fell ill. The King was deeply troubled when he saw the young Queen showed no signs of recovery, and grew worse daily. The only cure, the Sea King is told, is a monkey’s liver. So the king sends a jellyfish onto land to find a monkey and bring him back, riding the shell of the jellyfish on it’s back. I know — jellyfish don’t have shells and anyway, how can a jellyfish climb onto land to bring a monkey back to the king? — but wait.

The jellyfish finds a monkey and gets him to ride on his shell out to sea. During the journey, the jellyfish reveals that the Sea King’s wife is ill and needs a monkey’s liver to survive. Perceiving the danger he is in, the cunning monkey says to the jellyfish: “Oh, but I left my liver hanging in a tree, take me back to land and I’ll get it for you.”

When the jellyfish delivers him back to land, the monkey flees to safety up a tree and mocks the gullible jellyfish. The jellyfish reluctantly returns to face the wrath of the King. The Dragon King’s at once gave orders that the jelly fish was to be severely punished. The punishment was a horrible one. All the bones were to be drawn out from his living body, and condemned to float forever in the ocean. 



The Monkey & Jellyfish, limited edition signed print


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