Willow Pattern Kintsugi Heart.


Printed on 'Flat White', which is a premium 100% recycled cartridge paper. An excellent quality mix of 50% coffee cup waste (destined for landfill) coupled with 50% paper mill waste.170gsm 100% recycled paper. It is also acid free. A great sustainable alternative, your environmentally conscious option. 


Our kintsugi anatomical heart is broken and even more beautiful for that. It depicts the heartbreaking story of Willow Pattern. Only a heart that has been broken knows how to truly love.

Our heart has been embellished by hand with gold leaf, each print is unique. Signed by Barbara Griffin and Kate Plumb.

Available as an A3 Print.


The Willow pattern is a distinctive and elaborate chinoiserie pattern used on ceramic kitchen/housewares. It became popular at the end of the 18th century in England when, in its standard form, it was developed by English ceramic artists combining and adapting motifs inspired by fashionable hand-painted blue-and-white wares imported from China. 

(although Chinese in origin this is a commonly found pattern in Japan).

The romantic fable.


So this is the story behind the pattern. Once there was a wealthy Mandarin, who had a beautiful daughter (Koong-se). She was in deeply love with her father's humble accounting assistant (Chang), this displeased  her father. (At that time it was seen as inappropriate for them to marry due to their difference in social class.) The father built a high fence around his house to keep the lovers apart. He had planned  for his daughter to marry a powerful Duke. The Duke arrived by boat bearing a box of jewels as a gift for his bride to be. The wedding was due to take place on the day the blossom fell from the willow tree.


On the eve of the daughter's wedding to the Duke, the young accountant, disguised as a servant, slipped unnoticed into the palace. The lovers escaped with the jewels, as they left the alarm was raised.  They ran over a bridge, chased by the Koong-se's father, whip in hand. They escaped on the Duke's ship to a secluded island, where they lived happily for years. One day, the Duke found them. Still angry and wanting  revenge, he sent soldiers, who captured the lovers and put them to death. The gods, moved by their plight, transformed the lovers into a pair of doves.

These bitter sweet images are shown beautifully in blue and white. 

Kintsugi Heart, with gold leaf, limited edition signed print


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