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Introducing: THE BUMBLE playden

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Dens, a chance for children to create their own world, with their own den rules. "Adults keep out" I think were the only rules we wrote as children. My children have been carefully watching the progress of SPROUTBOX, and were very excited by this latest addition. We shall be building our first prototype shortly, and it will then be tirelessly tested by my children. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, utilising sustainable materials, and a slot together system, the BUMBLE will be made from recycled plastic waste or sustainably sourced plywood. The BUMBLE is perfect for play at home, in the garden, in schools, and early year settings, and is carefully designed to let imaginations run free. Spy holes have been added at the request of my son, and a range of play den furniture is in the pipeline, which will be supervised by my daughter. We can't wait to try this out ourselves!

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