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Go! Go! Sushi Wallpaper

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Introducing.... Our enviromentally conscious Sushi Wallpaper (Dragon's Gate) , where elegant design meets sustainability. It has very strong Japanese influences, although the symmetry is very reminiscent of William Morris, just with a subversive modern twist. This wallpaper would be at home either in a country house or a loft apartment. Our design is adorned with a huge school of koi fish which are swimming up the Yellow River in China. According to Chinese and Japanese myth, as they swam they gained strength by pushing against the current. However, on the Yellow River there is a waterfall and here most of the fish turned back as the journey was just too hard. But those who remained continued to try to reach the top of the waterfall, as legend has it, for one hundred years.  One day, a single koi at last made it to the top of the waterfall. For all its effort this dedicated koi was turned it into a beautiful golden dragon by the Gods. Since then the waterfalls were known as the "Dragon's Gate", after which this design is named. Any koi which has the strength and perseverance to complete the journey up the waterfall will become a heavenly golden dragon, the story says. However, if the koi is caught in its attempt to do so then it will await the cut of the knife fearlessly with the bravery of a Samurai warrior facing the sword in battle. Remember,  koi seldom end up as sushi!​

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