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In this collection we take our inspiration from Kitsune and "the marriage of the foxes"  Japanese fable. The kitsune. the fox, is clever, sly, with a beautiful fur the colour of the Autumn leaves, a thick tail and a lovely face that makes them look like they are smiling. In ancient Japan, foxes were deemed to be mystical beings. The kitsune’s ability to shape shift, still echo through fables. The fox as a supernatural creature walked among men. Disguised as beautiful and charming women that make the fortunate or unfortunate men fall in love with them. They are ambivalent creatures, on one side they are lovable lovers, on the other side they are mischievous creatures.

The marriage of the foxes. During the night foxes gather together  in a line one behind the other, travel for rivers and mountains with lanterns made of paper to celebrate their marriages. According to legend, if it's raining but there is the sun too, then it means that foxes are having fun, so pay attention, you might be able to see the marriage of the foxes!

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